In an era of endless advertising avenues, promotional opportunities, and social media engagements, online marketing is a crucial requirement of every campaign. While it's easy to find the perfect medium in which to spend your marketing budget, there's major competition fighting for the same ad space. How do you even know if your investment is paying off? An increase in website traffic volume isn't impressive or cost efficient if you don't convert your visitors into leads. Leave this unseemly gamble up to the experts.

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By Audrina Bigos, Fox Charlotte News | Published November 11, 2011

HUNTERSVILLE, NC- David Teifer and his company LeadVision, LLC out of Huntersville doesn't want to just give money to a local organization over the holidays. “I wanted to come up with a way to do something different than just Red Cross or something different than the United Way where you just give money," said Teifer.

Teifer’s team is going to cook dinner for a family, buy and decorate a Christmas tree and provide presents. it's an awesome opportunity to allow


the entire office to go back to the basics of Christmas, which is spending time with family, loved ones, and doing something good in the end," said Jamie McAuliffe. But first, they have to find a family.

"The family I'd like to meet is... maybe their home in in foreclosure, mom and dad have been out of work for a year, and they're having trouble just feeding the kids," said Teifer.
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